Resurrection, Rebirth, and Faith – Vampire Verisimilitude

Resurrection is defined as “the action or fact of resurrecting or being resurrected” — being raised literally from the dead. The ancient Egyptians believed in this as well as modern Christians.

Rebirth is defined as the process of being reincarnated or born again, but also the action of reappearing or starting to flourish or increase after a decline — revival. Again, a tenet in Christianity: being reborn.

These words are not the same. Vampires are resurrected — made undead, specifically — imbued with a force that simulates life, but anyone can accept to be reborn whether mortal or immortal. Anyone can choose to live their lives differently and immediately as long as they accept the consequences. For the religious, this can be faith in God, in Christ, in Jehovah, or in Allah.

So why can’t we all have more faith in each other?

Brussels was attacked on Tuesday. A park in Pakistan was attacked this morning.

Both by suicide bombers.

This was a conscious choice to ignore life, both their own and those of others. How does murdering the innocent further a cause? How can willful destruction open lines of communication? What is even the point? This doesn’t change any minds. Events like these provoke two reactions: fear and anger, neither of which lead to clear thinking.

Vampires feel hostile towards one another; we’re also smart enough to avoid one another for the same reason. There are also times when we need to reach out to one another, and digital communication has made that possible without endangering ourselves or the lives of others. It’s such a waste living in a world with access to more information and interconnectivity than at any time in history only to see it used to plot and KILL ONE ANOTHER…


I am such a bleeding heart. I’m sorry for bringing everyone down.

Please accept these bunnies dressed like Vampires as an apology and enjoy the holiday.

Happy Easter, everyone. Keep each other safe.

~ Janiss

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