Meet Tlaloc, Our “Metal” God

Visitors to Cedarcrest Sanctum often notice (but don’t always ask about) the metallic tiles with the weird face. Big eyes, fangs, and looking a bit South-of-the-Border.

Our founder Louisa Newcomb had many interests, one regarding Aztec culture, specifically a rain deity bearing more than a few similarities to one of our favorite longevity subjects. She was so enamored with the idea of it, she commissioned a local artist to create an image engraved into metal which was later duplicated all over our facility… a watcher, if you will.

Meet Tlaloc.

Appeased with ritual sacrifice, the god (small “g”) was both revered and feared. From the Encyclopedia Britanica:

“Tlaloc was not only highly revered, but he was also greatly feared. He could send out the rain or provoke drought and hunger. He hurled the lightning upon the earth and unleashed the devastating hurricanes. The Tlaloque, it was believed, could send down to the earth different kinds of rain, beneficent or crop-destroying.

“Certain illnesses, such as dropsy, leprosy, and rheumatism, were said to be caused by Tlaloc and his fellow deities. Although the dead were generally cremated, those who had died from one of the special illnesses or who had drowned or who had been struck by lightning were buried. Tlaloc bestowed on them an eternal and blissful life in his paradise, Tlalocan.”

While there’s no proof of an actual being by this name, the legend dates back to the third century as an agricultural deity before later being elevated into the Aztec pantheon. A preference for the blood of the young, an ability to control the elements, and eternal life bestowed upon the chosen?

Oh, and fangs.

Sounds like someone I know, but I tell everyone he’s our “metal” god.

It’s funny, damn it.

Trust me; I’m a Vampire.

Take your power seriously. Keep each other safe. Be indomitable.
~ Janiss

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