Meet Tlaloc, Our “Metal” God

Visitors to Cedarcrest Sanctum often notice (but don’t always ask about) the metallic tiles with the weird face. Big eyes, fangs, and looking a bit South-of-the-Border.

Our founder Louisa Newcomb had many interests, one regarding Aztec culture, specifically a rain deity bearing more than a few similarities to one of our favorite longevity subjects. She was so enamored with the idea of it, she commissioned a local artist to create an image engraved into metal which was later duplicated all over our facility… a watcher, if you will.

Meet Tlaloc.

Appeased with ritual sacrifice, the god (small “g”) was both revered and feared. From the Encyclopedia Britanica:

“Tlaloc was not only highly revered, but he was also greatly feared. He could send out the rain or provoke drought and hunger. He hurled the lightning upon the earth and unleashed the devastating hurricanes. The Tlaloque, it was believed, could send down to the earth different kinds of rain, beneficent or crop-destroying.

“Certain illnesses, such as dropsy, leprosy, and rheumatism, were said to be caused by Tlaloc and his fellow deities. Although the dead were generally cremated, those who had died from one of the special illnesses or who had drowned or who had been struck by lightning were buried. Tlaloc bestowed on them an eternal and blissful life in his paradise, Tlalocan.”

While there’s no proof of an actual being by this name, the legend dates back to the third century as an agricultural deity before later being elevated into the Aztec pantheon. A preference for the blood of the young, an ability to control the elements, and eternal life bestowed upon the chosen?

Oh, and fangs.

Sounds like someone I know, but I tell everyone he’s our “metal” god.

It’s funny, damn it.

Trust me; I’m a Vampire.

Take your power seriously. Keep each other safe. Be indomitable.
~ Janiss

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Nothing Is Set in Stone

From: the desk of Timothy Harker
To: all residents, staffers, and supporters

Good morning.

I wanted to address a few rumors that have been making their rounds at Cedarcrest, not the least of which was suggested by your executive administrator a week ago.

While Louisa Newcomb was still with us, a plan was created to govern how Cedarcrest Sanctum would develop and what the overall scope of the Cedarcrest Foundation of Appalachia would be. Part of it you know already; you live or work here, and we all know each other very well. Our facility has been a success and has remained true to our founder’s vision. That said and in light of recent events, we have begun developing implementation of Phase IV.

I will be personally responsible for a key element in this phase, and this is not a decision I take lightly. Let it be known that these are options on the table and nothing is set in stone, but there exists the possibility I may no longer reside here at Cedarcrest as a result; a significant risk is involved. Ms. Connelly has much experience with regard to this and I greatly value her opinion, but ultimately the decision is mine to make.

When the times comes and a final decision is made, you will not be left out of the loop.

Have a great new year, everyone.

~ Timothy Harker
Operations Administrator, Cedarcrest Sanctum


Black Friday Remembrance: Family

Our executive administrator asked my thoughts on this and to forward it along to all of you; I have nothing more to add. ~ Timothy Harker, OpAdmin

To all staff and residents:

I sincerely hope that all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving yesterday and are looking forward to the holidays to come. Today, the Friday following, is traditionally known as Black Friday, a day of pre-Christmas sales as stores try to push themselves into “the black” and turn a profit.

I was never one for getting up and fighting off grandmothers at 5am for their relatives’ new video games or televisions, but many of you know that today holds a special significance for me and everyone here at Cedarcrest since it was also the day I assumed responsibility for it and all of you. It has been a rewarding experience even at its most overwhelming.

Family is important – and that’s what we are here. Many of us here only have one another, whether we are the last of our bloodlines or simply unknown to our kin, and we are grateful to have you here with us. Family isn’t just who your parents were or who married your sibling; it’s the people you see and work with every day, the ones you trust with your confidence as much as your wellbeing.

Many of you knew Louisa Newcomb far better than I did or ever will; she’s the reason Cedarcrest exists and the one with the forethought to ensure its continued success beyond today. I wish there had been more time and I think of new questions each day that she can no longer answer, but I ask all of you to keep her in your thoughts – today in particular – and the sacrifices she made to keep all of us safe.

~ Janiss Connelly
Executive Administrator
Cedarcrest Sanctum