Meet the Staff

Janiss Connelly – Executive Administrator and the Board Chair for the Foundation. While still attending nearby Glenville State College, Janiss was hand-picked and mentored by our Founder. Acquainted with a few of our residents beforehand, Janiss projects a natural strength of personality and leadership ability that suited Louisa’s vision, enabling our Founder to retire gracefully knowing that her life’s work was in the best of hands.

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Timothy Harker – Operations Administrator and scheduling guru. Timothy was instrumental in the planning of Cedarcrest Sanctum and setting up the Foundation. He oversees day-to-day operations and has a head for numbers and business strategy. While much younger than our Founder, Timothy shared Louisa’s passion to provide care for the elderly and her vision to restoring the productivity of their youth, two things she felt were necessary for a long, fulfilling life.


Kelly Jean Truit – Chief Administrative Assistant and people organizer. Kelly Jean grew up locally and seems to know everyone – including people she’s never met – in that instantly likable kind of way. Don’t let her pleasantries fool you; she knows exactly what needs to be done and who should be doing it with a talent for catching those slacking off. Kelly Jean has lost a number of distant relatives over the years that she couldn’t provide for herself and strongly believes in the Foundation.


Dr. Emily Faust – Staff Psychiatrist and “people person.” Dividing her professional time between working at Cedarcrest and running her own practice, her office on the central tower’s second floor is a safe place for residents to discuss their personal feelings and issues. Residents have priority; staffers may schedule time on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Timothy Harker or your resident assistant for an appointment.


Dr. Magdy Farouq – Researcher and ancient cultures expert. With a Fulbright Fellow doctorate degree and documented research credentials from the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, he is the author of The Curse of Ignorance: Egypt’s Lost History and has voiced his opinion that the British Museum should return all Egyptian artifacts acquired during their occupation. He is currently bringing our Longevity Studies program up to speed investigating practical applications to modern medicine.


Louisa Newcomb – Cedarcrest’s founder and our original matriarch. A senior herself, Louisa was saddened over the abandonment of the elderly throughout West Virginia and leveraged her independent wealth into a conglomerate of charities under the Cedarcrest Foundation of Appalachia. In creating both a quality-of-life care facility and a center for longevity research, Louisa dreamed of a tomorrow where people of all ages could remain productive and keep the respect earned in their youth.

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