Glenville State College

We encourage and promote higher education at Cedarcrest.


Many of our staffers received training and/or certification at local Glenville State College, West Virginia’s only centrally located public college.

Opened in 1872 to train school teachers, the campus has since expanded to provide education for business, land resources, music, liberal arts, sciences, criminal justice and human services. Approximately 90% of the nearly 1900 students are in-state students from West Virginia counties, many of them first-generation attendees. The college boasts a student/faculty ratio of 19 to 1. (source:


The campus is rich with local history. The Old Glenville Cemetery, located next to Clark Hall, is said to be haunted by the spirit of one of Glenville Normal School’s earliest graduates, Sis Linn.

The details of the century-old ghost story are retold every Halloween, but we prefer to think of her restless spirit as a guardian, watching over the campus to ensure the future safety and educational opportunity for the students attending.

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