From the Administrator

My name is Janiss Connelly, your executive administrator. On behalf of the entire staff, welcome to your new home here at Cedarcrest Sanctum.

From my social media: Bleeding-heart Millennial w/tragic backstory & fangs. Stargazer. Phlebotomist. Activist. Humanist. Hugger. Fictional. Vampire.

I’m adept at blood draws and prefer to manage the night shift, so “Vampire” Janiss kind of stuck. Why not, right? I think it’s cute.

A little about myself: up until a short time ago, I was enrolled at Glenville State College as an Education major; a few residents are aware I used to volunteer here (prior to my employment) visiting non-program residents. Shortly before our founder’s retirement, I was diagnosed with a rare and unusual affliction; while the source of that ailment was eradicated with extreme prejudice, the persisting symptoms of my condition are manageable and of benefit to our internal on-site longevity research.


As a new resident yourself, I wanted to provide some additional history and background information for you. Your previous administrator Louisa Newcomb founded this state-of-the-art facility to care for retirees unable to find adequate or affordable accommodations elsewhere and to explore both longevity and quality-of-life possibilities. The mutual benefits to all of you and myself would not be possible here without your consent; you have my eternal gratitude.

To be clear: my first and only priority is to you and our facility.

Welcome to The Program.

Please continue on to our Resident Guide to get started.

NOTICE: Access to this intranet page is provided for the staff, residents, and supporters of Cedarcrest Sanctum only and should not be duplicated or shared off-site. Failure to comply may result in penalties up to or including dismissal from The Program. Please respect the confidentiality of this communication. Vampires don’t believe in ghosts. #theMatriarchVampires #cedarcrestsanctum #whoistheMatriarch #amwriting #horror #vampires