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Longevity – even immortality – has long been sought by mankind.


Recent breakthroughs have hinted at the human body’s miraculous ability to heal itself, even from “fatal” diseases; if the individual symptoms of a disease or condition can be suspended during its course, not only will the subject recover but can actively function with minimal debilitation or actual suffering as the body is empowered to heal naturally on its own. Imagine cancer cured with a short regimen of pills, AIDS or SARS with an inhaler, or Ebola with a only weekend of bed rest. At Cedarcrest, we prefer to believe “old age” is simply a state of being, not an impeding death sentence. It isn’t only the collective experience and wisdom of these individuals we’re hoping to preserve but the spirit and drive behind them.

For the blood is the life – especially with its secrets laid bare by human ingenuity.

Overall Facility Rating »

FiveStars out of five
From ratings in health inspections, nurse staffing, and measures of medical quality of care.
Last updated March 15th.


Health Inspections » No Citations
FiveStars out of five
How well this home met health and safety standards for food preparation and other nursing-home activities in the latest three state inspections. Such inspections are conducted at least every 15 months.

Nurse Staffing » No Citations
FiveStars out of five
Average number of hours per day of care received per resident from nurses at all levels.

Quality Measures » No Citations
FiveStars out of five
Percentages of residents who got recommended care such as flu vaccincations, and percentages of residents who had pain, bedsores, urinary tract infections, and other care-related problems.

Fire Safety » No Citations
FiveStars out of five
How well this home met National Fire Protection Association standards in the most recent inspection.

Penalties » NONE
This nursing home has not been fined or cited in the last ten years.

Cedarcrest stress a zero-tolerance policy for abuse of any kind toward our residents or staff. Cedarcrest Sanctum is an equal-opportunity employer.

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