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Cedarcrest Sanctum, Glenville WV

All first-time visitors are invited to read Our Story.

We’re a modern, privately funded rest home nestled in the beautiful mountains of central West Virginia, just outside of Glenville in picturesque Gilmer County. Our executive administrator will ensure all of your questions are answered.

Our 5-star facility provides 24-hour, long-term elder care while pioneering innovative quality-of-life treatments and technologies. Many of our staff doctors and researchers received some training at local Glenville State College.


In response to recent local media reports branding our policies as “secretive,” we remind you the state oversight committee advocates the privacy of our residents. We are NOT accepting applications for new residents or staffers at this time.

For inquiries, visit our contact page; allow up to three business days for review. Please read the welcome letter from our executive administrator. Thank you for supporting Cedarcrest Sanctum… and believing in things that you cannot.


Recent Facility Updates

Vampires vs. Nukes

I’m sure someone has put this into their post-apocalyptic young adult series by now, but I have to wonder with everything going on in the world: How would Vampires fare in a nuclear holocaust? Vampires aren’t going to survive a nuclear attack if any of us were at ground zero. Total destruction is total destruction;…

Meet Tlaloc, Our “Metal” God

Visitors to Cedarcrest Sanctum often notice (but don’t always ask about) the metallic tiles with the weird face. Big eyes, fangs, and looking a bit South-of-the-Border. Our founder Louisa Newcomb had many interests, one regarding Aztec culture, specifically a rain deity bearing more than a few similarities to one of our favorite longevity subjects. She…

The Lighthouse on the Hill

“On February 19, 1872, the state legislature put their approval on the placement of a Glenville Branch of the West Virginia Normal School. The only problem was that there would be no funding available for this. That year, the State Constitutional Convention declared that no appropriations were to be made for the establishment of any…

NOTICE: Access to this intranet page is provided for the staff, residents, and supporters of Cedarcrest Sanctum only and should not be duplicated or shared off-site. Failure to comply may result in penalties up to or including dismissal from The Program. Please respect the confidentiality of this communication. Vampires don’t believe in ghosts. #theMatriarchVampires #cedarcrestsanctum #whoistheMatriarch #amwriting #horror #vampires

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