Resident Guide – Please Read and Follow

Welcome to The Program. Additional research and facility information is also available, but consider this your quick-start guide.

Residential Rules


Draw Days – If you are scheduled for a drawing, keep your appointment; please return the generosity of your host. Also note that you are also on call for the entire day barring special permission.

Resident Treatments must be administered every second day just after sunset unless we implement an extended three-day rotation (employed only when the executive administrator is off-site). If you miss an interval, notify your RA; this is your responsibility. If you are unsure, please contact the trauma center for a board update on the most recent TST (time since treatment). If you feel ill, faint, or notice any sudden return of or change in symptoms, notify someone immediately. Do not keep it to yourself.

Cooking and Chores – All residents are encouraged to cook for themselves and clean up afterward. We understand this isn’t always possible, but we have found it enabling and therapeutic. The cafeteria/grill is available to residents as well as staff.


Red Security Lights – These are for your safety and the security of all residents and staff. Do not treat this lightly; unscheduled drills will occur. Those failing to meet compliance may be awarded additional training.

Guests and Public Wing Residents – As part of the NDA you agreed to upon entering the Program, secrecy is essential while under treatment. If you have received special permission to have a guest, keep to the Program. If an issue arises, alert the staff.

Daily Questionnaire

(Revision 29 – required to filled out by all residents daily)

Date: __________________

Confirm treatment (if applicable) – Initials [_ _ _]
Were you asked to give blood today? Y or N
If you refused, why?

Morning Assessment – just after you wake up

1 – How do you feel?
2 – How did you sleep?
3 – What would you like to eat today?
4 – What would you like to do today?
5 – Does anything hurt or feel unusual/out of place?

Evening Assessment – before you go to sleep

1 – How many hours of TV did you watch today?
2 – How many meals did you consume? (anything bigger than a snack)
3 – How many snacks did you consume between meals?
4 – How many hours of OUTSIDE activities did you participate in?
5 – How many hours of INDOOR activities did you participate in?

Do you have any thoughts, concerns or questions about living at Cedarcrest today?

NOTICE: Access to this intranet page is provided for the staff, residents, and supporters of Cedarcrest Sanctum only and should not be duplicated or shared off-site. Failure to comply may result in penalties up to or including dismissal from The Program. Please respect the confidentiality of this communication. Vampires don’t believe in ghosts. #theMatriarchVampires #cedarcrestsanctum #whoistheMatriarch #amwriting #horror #vampires