/ˈfaNG-ɡərl/ informal
gerund or present participle: fang-girling

(of a vampire female fan) behave in an obsessive or overexcited way.
“I’m still fang-girling over this Dracula casting!”

I’m going to admit to you that Vampires have crushes like anyone else. Have you seen movies and television?

As stupid as it sounds, I think we all watch those Vampire shows; we’re not above stealing a good idea. There are also some very pretty people on them — many with very pretty throats, too (read: neck porn). My guys have caught me mesmerized thinking about my fangs sinking slowly into a thick, muscular neck or two… and it’s just as embarrassing as you’d think. Just a little. Maybe.

Like a night with both Joe Manganiello and Sofía Vergara… together. C’mon — look at them!

Just admit it: you’ve got a no-strings fantasy or three if the impossible happened and someone(s) on your top-five list were available and inexplicably willing. It’s harmless, right? Imagining the right time and place, meeting for the first time, already knowing what both of you want, as private or public as you’d like.

For the record, none of my fantasies involve anyone’s death, okay? Everyone walks away — guilt-free, of course.

Let’s not confuse this with wishing people who deserve to watch their foul blood flow out of their bodies because it solves everyone’s problem: them.

I’ve also never seen the need to combine any feeding with the actual sex — some Vampire authors appear to enjoy writing out such whimsy — but two bleeding people writhing all over each other in a bed (always with white sheets, of course) seems like such a waste. Imagine smearing food all over your face like gravy, or satisfying your thirst by putting your face in a fountain. Maybe it’s to imply an animal thing or whatever.

It’s seems inefficient, like blood-mouth. Eww.

We’re Vampires, not savages. Leave the dripping unkempt mindlessness to the zombies.

Nibbling is fine. Especially when your partner tenses up, slowly relaxing when the bite they fear is coming is sealed with a firm but gentle kiss.

I may or may not missing someone right now. Sigh. Anyway…

If you were a Vampire, ladies, who would you be fang-girling on?

Take your power seriously. Keep each other safe. Be indomitable.
~ Janiss

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