“Pride and Proper Nouns” – Vampire Verisimilitude

This bit of insight was inspired by my friend Juliette. She’s a bit of a blogger, writer, and an immortal herself, so check out her web page at Vampire Maman.

Belonging is important to social creatures, acceptance as part of the group. I say “THE group” instead of “A group” because it implies a particular group. As anyone reading this can well imagine, one has a sense of pride when it comes to being accepted.

The same can be said, I believe, for Vampires.

Did you catch it? I capitalized the “V” — and I’m using that from now on. Juliette does, but it never dawned on me why she did before until I seriously thought about it.

FromTheDeskOfJanissSignatureVampires aren’t evil by nature. Sure, we have a predisposition toward predator behavior, but what carnivorous creature in creation isn’t capable of killing? We’re also the most threatening to one another, but with effort and a few rules (thanks, social media!), many of us can get along fine…especially when we’re not in the same room.

No, I’m not condoning finding your own Vampire to cuddle. But if someone who didn’t know our kind existed were befriended by one of us, I would hope they wouldn’t scream and wouldn’t assume. In this day and age, there is a fascination with the unusual, particularly among the younger generation.

I’m also not suggesting that kids shouldn’t be cautious; for every Mick “Moonlight” St. John there’s a Jerry “Fright Night” Dandridge.

Then there’s the whole “you don’t make friends with a cow when all you really want is steak” idea. First of all, cows don’t have life ambitions, care about their personal appearance, or screw each other over for a percentage. Vampires who choose to remain benevolent need to interact, socialize, and most of all identify with others; they need to see kindness so they can give it in return.

Just don’t forget we’re Vampires.

There are so few of us — far fewer than fiction might suggest. The ones who survive and thrive are the ones who learn how to interact with society or even improve upon it. One of my favorite films, Only Lovers Left Alive, explores this notion as well as the constant need for secrecy. We’re too small of a group to expect that the dominate species on this planet as a hive mind could see proof of our existence as anything other than a threat…nor are they exactly wrong.

So while Vampires are not unique, we are exceptionally rare. Most of us have no aspirations to rule the world — who wants that kind of responsibility? — but we do keep an eye out for their type. But whether we asked to become what we are or didn’t, we’re not what we once were…and we shouldn’t hate ourselves because of what we lost. Rather, we should celebrate what we’ve become and the responsibility that suggests.

Protectors of Humanity…especially from the misguided among us.

No? All right, fine: the supernatural neighborhood watch.

Isn’t that worthy of a little pride?

Vampires with a capital V.

Keep each other safe.

~ Janiss

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