The More They Stay the Same – Vampire Verisimilitude

I can count on one finger the Vampires who are as new as I am (no, I didn’t do it). Most I know are decades or even centuries old.

I’m six in bloodsucker years. In human years, I’m twenty-eight years old as of yesterday… if you count up from the day of my birth. While I still look twenty-two, I notice mortals aging all around me.

Let me be clear: I. Notice. Everything.

I’ve become very good at concealing what I notice. If you decided to skip the shower or the deodorant last night or this morning, I’ll know. The smell of the last thing you ate on your breath? Most likely. The color fade of your favorite piece of clothing every time you wash it? Oh yes.

There’s more. Thinning or graying hair? Yep. Age spots? Wrinkles? Any change in weight, up or down? That, too.

And what do I see in the mirror? Not one single solitary change.

Every detail suggesting the passing of time in others is a reminder that, barring some horrible fate, I will see every living person I know die.

I know some Vampires who lament this, but I’ve reconciled with it. Life is short for all but a few immortals, and you have to make the most of the time you have with them because you know they’re not long for this Earth — even if you are.

The funny thing is, that should always be true… even if you’re not an immortal.


Birthday Meanings Of People Born On November 5th

zodiacscorpiomonsterAccording to (sounds like a bad place already): I should be extremely talented — I try to be the best Vampire I can be — and an excellent communicator. I supposedly have a talent for writing… yeah, sure. Hmm: generally a private person (check), likes to work alone, and doesn’t need to be popular (also check).

Being comfortable with myself is a very important aspect of who I am (you have no idea). “Charismatic” and “passionate” are two words that describe me (yes, I’m still reading this), listens to reason but goes with their gut (oh yeah). Scorpions want to marry early in life, probably to a long-time friend (skipping through this part)…

This thing is listing how I probably eat and my general physical condition. I’ll note here it doesn’t mention an all-liquid diet or that I’m essentially the animated dead, but it does say I’d be great in the community relations field… blah blah blah writing again.

Red is my lucky color (also green) and a deck of Tarot cards makes an ideal gift for me (meh). Apparently, I am also quite secretive (nailed it).

Keep each other safe. And vote on Tuesday.

~ Janiss

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One thought on “The More They Stay the Same – Vampire Verisimilitude

  1. Juliette Kings

    It can be a hard and extremely painful lesson for young vampires to accept those they love, or even know, will pass before them. Savor your friends while they are here and keep their memories close. There will always be new blood, and new loves.

    And yes, vote. You (vampires) pay taxes too. Make your vote count (even if you might feel a bit dead.)

    Liked by 1 person

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