A World of Secrets – Vampire Verisimilitude

Middle West Virginia isn’t exactly spook central or populace-palooza… which makes it perfect for the discreet Vampire. As such, there isn’t much in the way of trouble-making strangers (for the most part). Sure, we get a new crop of students over at GSC every Fall as well as those returning, but the college campus is essentially self-contained. Think about it: in spite of the influx of students from all over the East Coast, Gilmer County is still one of the five poorest counties in one of the poorest states in the country.

halloweenscarecrowThis brings me to today’s meandering thought: what other supernatural or paranormal creatures or things are also out there?

I found out about Vampires when I awoke as one, but my first real lesson was that secrets are currency. Money and people are easy to manipulate; everything else falls into place with a little patience and creativity. That said, whenever you try to pry a secret from another immortal, you either have to prove it will benefit them to share it or have a one of equal value to trade.

So, here’s what I’ve learned.

  • Vampires – We’re real. Not an alien race or even a perpetuating one (unless you count turning others). Vampires were made, not born, and our makers apparently did so in an attempt to consolidate their power. This brings is to…
  • Witches – Okay, but not really. The term I’ve heard is Bloodworkers: those with an innate ability to rend so-called magic from living blood. Like Vampires, they know there are essential properties contained within blood that yet escapes the detection of science. But if a Bloodworker made the first of us, what else could they make?
  • Werewolves (or were-anything/shapechangers) – Never met one or even heard of there being one. If they exist, they keep a lower profile than we do. The best story I’ve heard is that Vampires created the legend of Werewolves to explain away a Vampire’s nocturnal activities to foolish locals. “We killed the wolf! It was Old Bob, and now we don’t have to move away!” Cruel and sneaky.
  • Ghosts – This one’s still a mystery to me. I know people spotting an immortal can be mistaken for ghosts, and the daydreams of Vampires are haunted by our victims, but are ghosts real? As before, I’ve never met one… so why do stories about them persist?
  • Zombies – Really? Does anyone still actually think zombies are plausible sci-fi? Totally fantasy… and totally made up. Trust me.
  • Angels and Demons – We can throw God and the Devil under this one, too — do these folks really exist? I was raised in the Church of Christ; I believe what I was taught, but I also strongly question it. Never mind that science can’t yet detect the supernatural component of blood or the existence of a soul — I have proof that these energies are real and can be manipulated, so I can’t rule this one out (and neither should you).
  • Fae, Trolls, Goblins, and Such – I have no idea. Any misdeed a fairy creature has ever been accused of could easily be attributed to a Vampire, from stealing babies to seducing men. I have my doubts there are or ever were such things… except trolls on the Internet.

So, with this little pre-Halloween shared, what have you seen or heard? I’m ready to believe you.

Keep each other safe.

~ Janiss

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