Forever Ever Day – Vampire Verisimilitude

Happy Valentine’s Day. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to say today?

Like a Cupid-driven Noah’s Ark, everyone is expected to pair up two-by-two and talk about things like love, forever, and diamonds over dinner dates or a secret rendezvous. It’s Christmas 2.0 for all the single ladies; expectations are high and every word is scrutinized for informal innuendo. It’s the holiday that fails the Bechdel test on purpose and with extreme prejudice.

So, if you’re NOT spending Valentine’s Day with a potential or current lover, does that make you less of a person? Unwanted and undesirable? A monstrous freak?

HeartOfChocolateYour undying love; till death do us part; for all eternity — these are mortal phrases, words people say to each other in spite of secretly knowing a simple truth: things change. People set different goals for themselves — the right job, a level of fame, children and grandchildren — and they surround themselves with others who can make those things happen. If not, well, it’s high time to make that aforementioned change you can believe in.

Forever means something different to a Vampire.

It literally means FOREVER.

Never grow old and never die. It’ll be fun, they said…

Sometimes you greedily hold onto someone you can’t let go of (and far longer than you should) — and sometimes you have to let them go because it’s the right thing to do (no matter how much it breaks your heart or theirs).

And no, as a matter of fact — I don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day this year. Thanks for wondering.

Now shut up.

. . .

Okay, sorry for the rant. I now return you to your regularly scheduled holiday festivities — already in progress.

Seriously, I’m good. Go and have fun.

The picture, by the way, is an anatomically correct one-pound chocolate heart; I’m told it’s delicious — especially if it belongs to someone else.

Keep each other safe.

~ Janiss

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