All Blood Runs Red – Vampire Verisimilitude

For the love of God, what the hell’s wrong with humanity?

I can sum up the problem in one word: fear.

AllBloodRunsRedFor oneself, for family, for their way of life — whatever — but it still all comes down to one moment: the decision to pull the trigger. If it’s easy to do, then something is very wrong. Taking a life should never be easy, and if it is, the killer isn’t thinking about who they’re killing, only completing a task. They’ve already justified what they’re going to do and disconnected everything else.

If you believe all police are corrupt and all minorities are criminals, you need to turn off the television and stop watching movies until you can distinguish reality from entertainment. Stop watching the news and political ads, too, since everything is either black or white, good or evil.

I know police officers. I know minorities. I work with them both.

Trust me: I know real killers…and fear is not their motivation.

So before you make a snap judgment about who deserved what or what should happen to so-and-so —

I’m done with it. Just love thy neighbor, okay?

All of them. Get over yourselves, because there are plenty of things already trying to tear the country apart without people pointing the finger at one another. It may sound ridiculous, but we have to stop being afraid.

The best news I’ve heard this week is a woman sounding astonished the police surrounded her and her child after she’d been wounded. She didn’t expect help and they had no idea who she was. She was in trouble, needed help, and the police protected her — exactly as they should have.

That’s the kind of story we need to hear more of.

Keep each other safe.

~ Janiss

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