“Permission Enough” Excerpt

Kevin here…
The countdown to the second book in The Matriarch series is almost ready!

Have you read all of the teaser excerpts yet? There’s a new one: “Permission Enough.” Read them all; the wait is almost over!


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Read the third excerpt “Permission Enough”

GuardiansRightfaceebookcover2014She is NOT the last.

“I’m going to find as many of them as I can – the makers and their progeny.”

After a woman in white is encountered along a lonely highway in Jackson County, West Virginia, an unusual number of vampires begin to turn up.

Once their mysterious maker is discovered, Janiss Connelly must confront those she left behind in life before she can stop the sadistic murderer once and for all.

Supernatural horror thriller, mature content.
Due out end of May 2014 (tentative)