“Permission Enough” – Excerpt from The Matriarch: Guardians

GuardiansRightfaceebookcover2014It seemed like a lifetime ago.

Since becoming a vampire seventeen months earlier, what Janiss remembered felt like a dream of once being human – even though she could recall every detail of her former life with perfect clarity.

In truth, she no longer dreamed; she didn’t even really sleep. Her transformation had cost her everything: family, friends, a promising career, even the light of day. The only choice she had been given was to either embrace her bloodsucking immortality or curl up inside of a fiery incinerator.

She had made her choice, but she didn’t want to spend forever alone.

Through the peephole of the motel room door she stood in front of, a tiny light turned dark; someone was definitely inside. As her hand came in contact with the door to knock, the interior latch clicked and the door swung open.

He looked taller than she remembered.

Without a word, she took a couple of quick steps inside and fell into him, bringing her arms up behind his back and pulling him close. Strong arms enveloped her in return as the door fell closed behind her. After a moment, she felt him cradle the back of her head and press her forehead against his cheek. The wonderful, sweet-smelling flesh of his neck beckoned her.

It was meant to have been a quick hug and release before sitting down to talk for a while, but after a small eternity, neither had relented.

At exactly the same time, they pulled back to see one another as they maintained their embrace.

GuardiansRightfaceebookcover2014No words were needed. Janiss saw everything in his face that she felt in herself: need, regret, want, and fire. The scent of the blood beneath his skin was exhilarating, but it was more than thirst or hunger. She wanted to consume him, take him into her so deeply that he could never be lost to her again, a part of her forever. It was impossible, of course, a metaphor, but if he felt the same way, why were they waiting?

A shared glance between them was permission enough.