The Missing Chapter

We interrupt the usual update from Timothy to bring you…

Kevin here, the author of The Matriarch.

Did you know there was a chapter missing from the book? All the information was in there, but this chapter wasn’t.

You can read it now right here: “Man-camp.”

Also, there’s another short story about REDACTED,
and you can read it here: “The Lucky Five.”

Keep an eye out for a few big announcements coming up VERY soon!

~ Kevin A. Ranson

Happy New Year – Revised Questionnaire

Happy New Year, everyone.

Following up on the feedback I’ve been receiving, I have reworked the daily questionnaire for your journals to simplify it as much as possible. These are essential in documenting treatment here at Cedarcrest; please be as honest as possible and rest assured that these are confidential. As always, I am available for questions.

Thank you for your participation.

~ Timothy Harker
Operations Administrator
Cedarcrest Sanctum

Resident Daily Questionnaire (Revision 27)

Date: __________________

Confirm treatment (if applicable) – Initials [_ _ _]
Were you asked to give blood today? Y or N
If you refused, why?

Morning Assessment – when you wake up

1 – How do you feel?
2 – How did you sleep?
3 – What would like to eat today?
4 – What would you like to do today?
5 – Does anything hurt or feel unusual/out of place?

Evening Assessment – before you go to sleep

1 – How many hours of TV did you watch today?
2 – How many meals did you consume? (anything bigger than a snack)
3 – How many snacks did you consume between meals?
4 – How many hours of OUTSIDE activities did you participate in?
5 – How many hours of INDOOR activities did you participate in?

Do you have any thoughts, concerns or questions about living at Cedarcrest today?


Happy Winter Solstice

Today is the Winter Solstice, officially the first day of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. The word solstice originates from Latin, meaning “sun” and “to stand still.” Holidays such as Yule and Christmas are celebrated at this time of year.

To our executive administrator, it is happily the longest night of the year.

If you see her after sunset tonight, wish her a Happy Winter Solstice.

~ Timothy Harker
Operations Administrator
Cedarcrest Sanctum

Black Friday Remembrance: Family

Our executive administrator asked my thoughts on this and to forward it along to all of you; I have nothing more to add. ~ Timothy Harker, OpAdmin

To all staff and residents:

I sincerely hope that all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving yesterday and are looking forward to the holidays to come. Today, the Friday following, is traditionally known as Black Friday, a day of pre-Christmas sales as stores try to push themselves into “the black” and turn a profit.

I was never one for getting up and fighting off grandmothers at 5am for their relatives’ new video games or televisions, but many of you know that today holds a special significance for me and everyone here at Cedarcrest since it was also the day I assumed responsibility for it and all of you. It has been a rewarding experience even at its most overwhelming.

Family is important – and that’s what we are here. Many of us here only have one another, whether we are the last of our bloodlines or simply unknown to our kin, and we are grateful to have you here with us. Family isn’t just who your parents were or who married your sibling; it’s the people you see and work with every day, the ones you trust with your confidence as much as your wellbeing.

Many of you knew Louisa Newcomb far better than I did or ever will; she’s the reason Cedarcrest exists and the one with the forethought to ensure its continued success beyond today. I wish there had been more time and I think of new questions each day that she can no longer answer, but I ask all of you to keep her in your thoughts – today in particular – and the sacrifices she made to keep all of us safe.

~ Janiss Connelly
Executive Administrator
Cedarcrest Sanctum

To all residents: blood lab compliance

We’ve received word that a few of the residents are upset about and actively resisting having blood drawn.

As a reminder, you are on call every three days and, if selected, will only be drawn once. The lab tech will fill 10 vials of approximately 10 ml each for a total of about 100 ml. Also note that you are not the only one being drawn at request; a total of five residents must provide at the same time to yield the single unit required. To place this in perspective, you are being asked to provide one-fifth of the standard amount that the Red Cross draws during a blood drive donation.

In order to provide adequately for our host, time is of the essence. If you have any difficulty with this directive and its compliance, please make a request to see myself with the executive administrator in attendance so that you may explain your objection in person.

~ Timothy Harker
Operations Administrator
Cedarcrest Sanctum

To all staffers: watch for this email

An outside blogger has been spamming our server, and we’re having trouble blocking it. If you receive an email with the following text, please forward it to me in order to help us track it. Email text as follows:


Things that go on like this shouldn’t be ignored.

Cedarcrest Sanctum bills itself as “a modern rest home nestled in the mountains of central West Virginia.”

The residents who are accepted have no family, no money, and nowhere else to go. In spite of these facts, the administrator of the facility still takes them in. If accepted into “the program,” they are removed from the public eye and are no longer permitted outside visitors.

To date, no one in “the program” has ever left Cedarcrest Sanctum and no deaths have been reported – not a single one in over ten years. No one seems to know what happens to the elderly who reside there and no one seems to care.

My attempts to contact anyone on the inside of their gated, secure facility have all failed. Their website,, claims that the phones are unlisted (for privacy reasons) and that emails go unanswered because they “cannot reply to every correspondent.”

There was a recent story concerning a college student named Janiss Connelly who used to volunteer there before “suddenly” being offered a job. Immediately thereafter, she withdrew from college only a semester from graduation and became unreachable by phone or email. Like the residents, no one has reported seeing or talking to her since.

If you know anything about what is going on at this facility, DO NOT keep it to yourself.

Someone has to stop this.