To all residents: blood lab compliance

We’ve received word that a few of the residents are upset about and actively resisting having blood drawn.

As a reminder, you are on call every three days and, if selected, will only be drawn once. The lab tech will fill 10 vials of approximately 10 ml each for a total of about 100 ml. Also note that you are not the only one being drawn at request; a total of five residents must provide at the same time to yield the single unit required. To place this in perspective, you are being asked to provide one-fifth of the standard amount that the Red Cross draws during a blood drive donation.

In order to provide adequately for our host, time is of the essence. If you have any difficulty with this directive and its compliance, please make a request to see myself with the executive administrator in attendance so that you may explain your objection in person.

~ Timothy Harker
Operations Administrator
Cedarcrest Sanctum