Happy New Year – Revised Questionnaire

Happy New Year, everyone.

Following up on the feedback I’ve been receiving, I have reworked the daily questionnaire for your journals to simplify it as much as possible. These are essential in documenting treatment here at Cedarcrest; please be as honest as possible and rest assured that these are confidential. As always, I am available for questions.

Thank you for your participation.

~ Timothy Harker
Operations Administrator
Cedarcrest Sanctum

Resident Daily Questionnaire (Revision 27)

Date: __________________

Confirm treatment (if applicable) – Initials [_ _ _]
Were you asked to give blood today? Y or N
If you refused, why?

Morning Assessment – when you wake up

1 – How do you feel?
2 – How did you sleep?
3 – What would like to eat today?
4 – What would you like to do today?
5 – Does anything hurt or feel unusual/out of place?

Evening Assessment – before you go to sleep

1 – How many hours of TV did you watch today?
2 – How many meals did you consume? (anything bigger than a snack)
3 – How many snacks did you consume between meals?
4 – How many hours of OUTSIDE activities did you participate in?
5 – How many hours of INDOOR activities did you participate in?

Do you have any thoughts, concerns or questions about living at Cedarcrest today?