Sex and the Single Vamp – Vampire Verisimilitude

“Let’s talk about sex, ba-by — all the good things… and the Vamp things… that may be!”

That Salt-N-Pepa song came out two years after I was born — the first time. My second birth was twenty-two years later, and I have no delusions about what I am: an imitation of life meant to lure in prey. I can stop my heart with a thought because it doesn’t need to beat; I can cease my breathing because I don’t need air. The brain in my head isn’t even really where my memories are stored — so why should a Vampire’s body benefit from or even desire sex?

I’ve often questioned the nature of my existence. Am I soulless? Did my spirit move on to leave this echo in an animated dead body where nothing I do has any actual consequence to my afterlife? I’ve asked this to others of my kind — the ones who wonder about such things — and we’ve all come to the same conclusion.

Vampires imitate life but also crave the benefits of it. Interaction allows us to become better hunters but also to empathize with our prey — we don’t have to kill to survive.

But why sex? We can’t procreate to create half-undead babies no matter what popular fiction suggests: animated dead bodies can’t conceive… but we CAN feel. All of our senses are heightened and we can become inexplicably aroused. Living blood is some of it — okay, most of it — but even without the thirst, we crave touch, an intimate familiarity with someone other than ourselves to quench a different thirst.

I have a personal theory, too. Vampires fear almost nothing — it’s one reason we can be tricked into our own destruction — and many of the inhibitions and consequences of sex are no longer concerns: pregnancy, disease, if it’ll be weird, if he won’t call the next day, if he blasts it across social media… none of it matters to a Vampire. Well, except maybe that last part…

There’s only the feeling and emotion of the act itself, those too-brief moments bodies become intertwined and drive one another into a frenzy of unbridled sensation before exploding into a body and mind-numbing calm.

Feeding is a near-religious experience for a Vampire but also instant gratification, searing blood pouring down our throats and igniting every fiber of our being. Sex, however, is a shared personal experience, and for all the blood in the world, Vampires still crave intimacy.

As for why I’m sharing this? No inhibitions… remember?

Take your power seriously. Keep each other safe. Be indomitable.
~ Janiss

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