Transylvania Television – Vampire Verisimilitude

So, what kind of must-see television does a TV-addicted Vampire watch after hours? Praise science for inventing DVRs and time-shifted recording capability!

“Penny Dreadful” – I was hooked from the very first season. It’s actually refreshing all of the Vampires are bad guys (read: “True Blood” got silly), but Ethan Chandler played by Josh Hartnett makes me wish werewolves were real…and that I could have him ONE. Have one. That. Plus the rest of the cast is incredible, and while the show gets very dark, they never stop trying in spite of all the creepy.

“Game of Thrones” – Fantasy Soap Opera 101. Aside from the sexposition scenes (two characters humping while discussing plot points; no, I’m not kidding), it’s addictive because of the cast (they’re SO good) and the incredible locations. I was all about Dani and Jon Snow, but Arya’s arc is wonderful and everyone wants to go drinking with Tyrion (although he might find my preferred vintage a bit strong for his taste).

“Better Call Saul” – The only reason I took a chance on this was because I binged “Breaking Bad” and couldn’t stop thinking about it. The show has none of the elements that would normally attract me to it, but waiting to see how Slick Jimmy becomes Saul Goodman is crazy — not to mention Bob Odenkirk knocks it out of the park.

“Supernatural” – The Winchester brothers and Castiel. I’m good.

“Supergirl” – No one told Melissa Benoist “It’s just a comic book show,” and she gives it her all. I want to be her friend, let her cry on my shoulder…all that stuff. The show’s science is frustratingly bad and the shadow of cousin Superman overshadows too many of Kara’s accomplishments, but I really want this to see a second season and tweak those bits.

“Agents of SHIELD” – Skye’s my girl. Yes, I still call her Skye. Daisy? Really? Nope…my rules. And Clark Gregg’s pretty sexy for an older guy. Am I right? Don’t leave me hanging here…

Neflix Marvel Shows – Daredevil. Jessica Jones. More Daredevil. Just keep them coming, Netflix.

“The Blacklist” – James Spader is awesome (if you didn’t know) but Megan Boone goes toe-to-toe with him. Yes, it’s a cold-war spy-thriller police-procedural, but in the best possible way. Also “Tom” is getting a spin-off (co-starring Famke Jenson), but with four episodes to go this season, no one is talking about what the new show’s even about! This is the only NBC show I watch because I’m still mad at the network for canceling both “Constantine” and “Dracula.” I also wish they’d bring back that cool, dark, and serious “Dark Shadows” series they tried in 1991.

“iZombie” – If I only had one show to watch forever and ever, this is my go-to choice addiction right now. I need a girlfriend like Rose McIver in my life, but for now I enjoy thinking of Liv Moore as a shadowy reflection for myself. I also love Ravi, Blaine (in spite of himself), and Clive. Any episode of this program will have you laughing, crying, and thrilled at the same time. I even forgive all the Vampire tropes they stole to make zombies cool again.

“Orphan Black” – Tatiana Maslany playing, what? Twelve different clones at this point? This is the story of manufactured women trying to be controlled by their creators and rebelling in all the best ways. In my opinion, it may well be the most dramatic science fiction series of all time, but there are too many idiots out there who think “science” and “fiction” can’t be as dramatic as desperate housewives. Also: Tatiana is so convincing as all these different characters that you’ll see them as different people, but the real treat is watching the actress play one clone posing as another clone!

Maybe in a few weeks I’ll talk about shows I used to watch and why I stopped. You know…because we all have better things to do with our time.

Keep each other safe.

~ Janiss

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