Vampire Verisimilitude: “What Are We Called?”

FromTheDeskOfJanissSignatureYes, Timothy suggested the title. Could you tell? It was that or “Immortal Answers to Implausible Questions.”

In the real world (referring to everyone outside the main gates) people ask how one another are just to be polite. No one expects an honest answer, and if they get one, they usually hope it will be over before it gets too uncomfortable. But around here? We’re family, all of us, and we really want to know how our family members are doing.

140 character answers on Direct Messages aren’t cutting it.

Since we’re behind an electronic firewall here at Cedarcrest Sanctum, I can provide longer answers more securely without all the clever wordplay. We can even archive them so you can search them later.

Good? Good.

So, my first official question: “Do you prefer being called a vampire, an immortal, or something else? I wouldn’t imagine your kind enjoy being called bloodsuckers or monsters, right?” Thank you, Vivian! Quick answer: I prefer to be called Janiss, although a few of our staff members and residents seem to like “ma’am” and “Miss Janiss.” Am I really a Miss?

Long answer: “vampire” works best for me; the jury is still out on if we should call ourselves “a kind.” Immortal sounds a little stuck up, you know? It’s right up there with demigod, Zeus, Poseidon, king of the world, the Pope, or worse. That said, both Cedarcrest and myself now have relationships with other vampires, so maybe it’s time to reach out and see what they think.

Keep each other safe.

~ Janiss

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