Join Janiss on Twitter

To all residents and staff:

Hi! It’s just Janiss, your friendly facility executive administrator (say that three times fast). I guess I could shorten that to FFEA. Anyway…

JanissAvatarTwitterHandleOn occasion, many of you have cornered me (not an easy thing to do) in the private wing to or from the blood lab, quizzing me about my “lifestyle.” Believe me when I tell you: I have less experience with being an immortal than a lot of college graduates have working fast food. Still, I get that you’re curious, so here’s what were going to do!

At Timothy’s request, I have created a Twitter account @janissconnelly for you to ask questions. Yes, this is also an effort to get all of YOU using social media (all except dear sweet Vivian, our resident social network queen). I talk about stargazing, hard rock music (feel free to ignore those), and paranormal romance books (yes, I freely admit to this).

If you have a specific question about how I get along as a vampire, follow me and I’ll follow back so you can send a DIRECT message. I have ONE request: let’s try to keep the vampire talk related to ME off the internet? Yes, even if no one believes it.

See you all online!

Janiss Connelly
Executive Administrator
Cedarcrest Sanctum