The Matriarch Tetralogy

Kevin here, author of The Matriarch series.

Both The Matriarch and its sequel The Matriarch: Guardians continue to find new fans, and that’s thanks to readers like you who subscribe to sites like this.

If you look carefully at, you’ll notice a few changes. One is a more compact menu as well as local sunset and sunrise information; Janiss uses these to keep track of the length of her nights. Also of note is the line beneath the moniker “Sixty residents. Forty staff. One immortal” has been replaced with a familiar looking weapon:


That bar is a hot link to a page featuring The Decapitator, a unique weapon in the world of The Matriarch. I had one constructed as a conversation and inspiration piece, but the ability to order one for yourself is coming soon.

Under “Library Assets” in the lower right corner, you’ll also notice two new books with blank covers. The reason for this is simple: The Matriarch series will become a tetralogy, four books in all when finished. The names of these new books and the stories they will tell are already in the planning; the first draft of the third book should be done by the end of November and hopefully released the following Spring.

Finally, a request: if you have enjoyed one or both Matriarch books, I implore you to leave a rating, a few words, and recommend this series to a friend.

It’s easy! If you purchased the Kindle version, open your app, select one of the Matriarch books from your Library, scroll past the last page for the five-star rating option to leave a few words in review. If you have the paperback, log into Amazon and go to, select the correct book, then scroll down to “Customer reviews” and select “Add a review” to rate the book and leave a few words.

Thank you for reading and watch for more news coming soon!

~ Kevin A. Ranson