An Old-Time Allegheny Christmas – Daughters of Darkness

Note: this conversation originally took place on the evening of Wednesday, December 21st — the 2016 Winter Solstice.

2016daughtersofdarknessJaniss: We’re back for another evening of hot cocoa and immortal talk. Say hello, Nancy.

Nancy: (long sigh) Hello.

J: It’s the longest night of the year, and you’ve chosen to spend at least a little of it with me — thank you.

N: Free drinks, yes?

J: I pay for those.

N: Free for me, then. (sips) What topic have you chosen?

J: Christmas, of course.

N: Very appropriate. (gestures at all the decorations and shoppers, then at her themed cup) Continue.

J: (leans forward) Do you celebrate it?

N: (raises an eyebrow)

J: Come on, you can’t tell me you’ve never been swayed by the Christmas spirit. Not once in three centuries?

N: I most often choose to spend it alone not killing anyone.

J: Isn’t that how you spend most nights?

N: (nods) Not all that different from any other time of year.

J: What about people watching?

N: I find it inappropriate to leer at livestock while it roams and grazes. (sips)
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Two Vampires Talk Politics – Daughters of Darkness

2016daughtersofdarknessJaniss: Welcome to Daughters of Darkness, a candid discussion between two immortals, myself being almost three decades old —

Nancy: (interrupting) Including living years.

J: Right, and yourself being almost three centuries old by way of comparison… also including living years.

N: You’re not really calling it that, are you?

J: What? “Daughters of Darkness”? We are. We’re night folk. It’s clever, damn it — roll with it.

N: We’re just Vampires, Janiss. Please continue.

J: Right… cool. So, okay, we’re talking about the 2016 election —

N: If we have to. I see they misspelled our code names on the cocoa again.

J: (smirks) I told them to do that on purpose. You know, like when we first —

N: (patronizing) Of course you did.

J: I figured it could be a thing.

N: (sarcastic) Of course you did.

J: Ahem. Getting back to it, I voted for Hillary. Nancy, who did you vote for?

N: As I texted back to you: not Hillary.

J: So why’d you vote for the other guy?

N: The president-elect’s name is Donald J. Trump, and I didn’t vote for him, either.

J: (long pause) I’m… confused. When I asked you here —

N: You asked if I voted for Ms. Clinton.

J: Right. And you said…
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