The Answer is Still No – Vampire Verisimilitude

If there was an organized Vampire Nation, a Council of Bloodsuckers, or an Undead Italian Governing Body, the answer still has to be no.

Vampires won’t fix things for you.

As a reminder: the Vampire population is much lower than mortals who believe think they are; a good rule is one bloodsucker for every three-quarters of a million people. The United States, for example, is home to a little over four hundred immortals; New York City only has about twelve… not exactly enough to fill up a night club.

Most of us stay far away from politics and even further from religion.

Yes, I’ve watched the news: what’s the new guy done now? Well, he hasn’t repealed the Vampire Tolerance Act (there isn’t one) or declared all immortals enemy of the state (because we don’t call that kind of attention to ourselves). The most influence we’ll exert is to keep our little corner of the planet safe for those we care about — which for most immortals is only themselves. Besides only being influential at night, we can’t go on television and mass-hypnotize everyone into getting along; the most we could do is prove we exist to the world, are a credible threat, and give you a specific enemy to fight against together.

HBO’s “True Blood” covered much of that… poorly — not to mention those season finales were always so bad.

beetlejuicejunocasworkerWhether you believe in your elected leaders or not, whether your candidate got in or not, the Vampire Vote just doesn’t carry any weight unless you’re bringing ire and grief to our doorstep — in which case, there won’t be any emergency actions or filed appeals, but it also won’t go any further than the foolish individuals who knock on the crypt door.

What I’m saying is, stop wishing for a knight in shining armor, a superhero with a cape, or a vengeful spirit seeking retribution to fix all of your problems.

To quote Juno the Caseworker from Beetlejuice: “Get them out yourselves — it’s your house.”

Take your power seriously. Keep each other safe. Be indomitable.
~ Janiss

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