Indomitable – Vampire Verisimilitude

It’s been an interesting few days in the U.S. of A.

An arguably narcissistic, arguably successful businessman took the reins of a republic to lackluster fanfare, while a next-day women’s march became the biggest inaugural protest in the country’s history… possibly the world. A true leader would acknowledge and address the concerns of so many; instead of seizing upon that opportunity, the media was accused of intentional and inaccurate reporting… and anyone watching could see that was a whopper of a lie.

Climate change, civil rights, LGTB concerns, and health care vanished from the White House website as if they had never been.

Somewhere in middle forgotten flyover America — of which our little neck of the woods is certainly included — worried folks are still holding out hope that maybe in return for their support, new jobs are on their way and I want them to be right.

For me, the Women’s March represented something great: choice.

earth-viahubbleLife is precious; believe me, I get that — read: I’m a Vampire — but you cannot fully appreciate what you have until you’ve lost the ability to choose for yourself. History is littered with the casualties of loss of choice — both slavery and genocide in the extreme — often because those in power use it against those who needs their help the most. With the open global communication of today, it’s hard to sweep these kinds of activities under the carpet… we can see you, and we’re not putting up with it.

I had my choice taken away, and I’m telling you: NEVER again.

The Vampire population isn’t large, less than ten thousand in a world of over seven billion. We don’t want to dominate; we want to be left alone. That may sound very libertarian, but it’s also practical; a large Vampire population would ravage the Earth and doom us all, so this is in everyone’s best interest. But the idea that we should have no interest in politics until it knocks on our doors is dangerous; we all need to pay attention.

Forget “stronger together” and “making everything great.”

We are indomitable. All of us.

We need sanctuary cities. We need escape from tyranny. Those who have power need to protect those who do not instead of using it against them.

It has to be all-inclusive. It already is, even if you can’t see that. We’re all in this together.

Yes, even the damn Vampires.

What affects one affects all. The old ways didn’t work and we don’t have all of the solutions yet, but we have to keep moving forward.

There is no utopia. We have to work through these differences.

Civilization cannot survive if we do not.

Speak up. Stand together. Survive and be vigilant.

We are indomitable… and we’re not going away.

Take your power seriously. Keep each other safe. Be indomitable.
~ Janiss

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