Welcome Home to Cedarcrest

CedarcrestSanctumEntranceOur executive administrator welcomes you to Cedarcrest Sanctum. We’re a modern, privately funded rest home nestled in the mountains of central West Virginia, just outside of Glenville in picturesque Gilmer County. Visit our Library for book selection.

Our 5-star facility provides 24-hour, long-term elder care while pioneering innovative quality-of-life treatments and technologies. Many staff doctors and researchers are affiliated with local Glenville State College.


CedarcrestSanctumOutdoorsIn response to recent local media reports branding our policies as “too secretive,” we remind you the state oversight committee advocates the privacy of our residents.

We are NOT accepting applications for new residents or staffers at this time. Please complete the Sign Up on the sidebar to receive updates.

For inquiries, visit our contact page; allow up to three business days for review. Thank you for supporting Cedarcrest Sanctum and remember to never tell.

Please read the welcome letter from our executive administrator.


NOTICE: Access to this intranet page is provided for the staff and residents of Cedarcrest Sanctum only and should not be duplicated or shared off-site. Failure to comply may result in penalties up to or including dismissal from The Program. Please respect the confidentiality of this communication. Vampires don’t believe in ghosts. #amwriting #horror #vampires #theMatriarchVampires #nevertell



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